Below is the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about ReNEW.  The FAQ is broken down into categories to make it easier to search.  If you don’t see an answer to your question below please contact the Wyoming Center for Nursing at 307-223-3205 or David Bodily at 307-766-4340.  Someone will get back to you as soon as possible to help with your question.

  • FAQ
    • What financial aid help is available to nursing school students?
      • Each college or university has a financial aid office that is knowledgeable about ReNEW and can assist students in developing a financial aid plan. Each institution can provide information about available scholarships and federal financial aid.  Other resources available to students are SEO/TRiO, Hathaway, and FAFSA.

    • Can students take college courses while in high school?
      • Yes. Many high schools in Wyoming offer dual credit courses or concurrent enrollment. If students enroll in college courses in high school, please check with an advisor at the school they are planning to attend to ensure the credits meet requirements in the ReNEW curriculum.

    • Why should students choose ReNEW?
      • ReNEW allows a student to attain a BSN without having to move to Laramie. While some students may want to move to Laramie to attend the University of Wyoming, others may find this a hardship. For those students that don’t want to move, ReNEW allows them to earn a BSN degree from UW in collaboration with one of the participating community colleges. Moreover, the student can complete the BSN degree in four years with the fourth year at UW building upon the three years at one of the participating community colleges.

    • Which high school courses will help prepare students for nursing school?
      • Nurses use high level science and math concepts in their practice, e.g., pathophysiology and pharmacology.  Consequently to be successful, students need a strong background in science and math.  Nursing students must be able to successfully complete college algebra and be ready to take general biology.  In addition, it’s important for a student to have robust reading and writing skills.

    • What should students expect the fourth year in the ReNEW program at UW?
      • The fourth year in the ReNEW curriculum focuses on population health, evidence-based practice, informatics and leadership. While these are included in the ADN curriculum, they are not a major focus. Typically, population health, evidenced-based practice, informatics and leadership are the foundational differences between an ADN and BSN curriculum.

    • How can students get started in ReNEW?
      • Students should contact the college they plan on attending. There are some differences between the schools of nursing, i.e. admission dates and admission requirements that students need to be aware of before applying.